It is normal to feel anxious, a little anxiety can be healthy - it shows you care. However for some people the worry and anxiety can take over their lives, it becomes a real problem when it begins to interfere with how we feel about ourselves and how we live our lives.

When our brain perceives a danger; this could be taking an exam, going on an aeroplane, going to the shops, talking in front of the class, the list is endless, it will send our body the message to Fight (get angry, argumentative or physical), Flight (run away) or Freeze.  However these situations are not really dangerous so the anxiety in these situations is unhelpful.  Therefore we need to find ways to manage these anxieties.  As we are all different, the coping strategies that help us may will be different to those of others around us, therefore we need to try several techniques, finding what works for us and adding it to our "toolbox" of strategies to turn to in times of heightened anxiety.

What can help?

Visualisation - find your own mental calm place and take yourself there to relax. Below is an example of visualisation