Reporting Absence

To report student absence, please telephone the school on:  02392 466241 or emailing

If a medical appointment is in the morning, we need a phone call from the parent/guardian to inform us your child will be late.  When the child comes to school later in the day they need to sign in at the main office with a copy of the medical appointment.

Should your child need to leave during the day for an appointment they need a letter with them from you authorising this/or a phone call to the office first thing.  A copy of the medical appointment is also required.

If your son/daughter has a medical reason for why they cannot regularly come to school, can you please contact the Attendance Officer.  The Attendance Officer will make a note of this and speak/arrange for the appropriate care and make the relevant staff aware.

It is the school’s decision if absence is authorised or not.  When a child is off sick for 5 days the school may ask for evidence of seeing a doctor and a note of the illness.  However, please be reassured, this is only done if there is a genuine concern regarding the child’s attendance.  Should this happen at the start of the academic year it may be advisable to obtain the doctors evidence at the time in case of any further absences.

If attendance falls below 94% we, as a school, for safeguarding reasons will contact you about your child’s attendance, so we can talk to you in order to help achieve a positive outcome.


If at any time you wish to take your child out of school for any other reason than sickness you will need to complete an Exceptional Circumstances Form.  These can be found on the website and by calling the Administration Office on 02392 466241.

You should be aware, that taking your child out of school without permission may result in a Penalty Notice, with a fine of £60 for each parent/step-parent/guardian who has responsibility for the child.

Penalty Notice

Penalty Notices can be issued once a child has 5 days unauthorised absence, (10 sessions).  These Penalty Notices can be for unauthorised absence over a period of time or for unauthorised holiday where 10 sessions are taken in one go. 


Penalty Notices can be issued to parents with parental responsibility for pupils who do not attend previously published exam dates for GCSE’s.  Exam dates will always be sent to parents via email and put on the website. Pupils will all have their own personalised timetable.  This fine is also £60.

We hope this explains The Hayling College’s attendance expectations more fully and we look forward to us working together.


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Mrs Helen Cox

Assistant Headteacher
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