In order to make it easier for you and your child, we operate an online payments system that can be used to pay for meals, drinks, music tuition and some school trips.

Tucasi SCOpay allows you to place funds into your child’s account using a credit or debit card. The system means that you can monitor how much your child is spending and what they are spending their money on. On your request, we can also set limits on how much a child can spend from their account.

Alternatively, money can be loaded onto a pupil account by using the cash loaders within the school.

Pupils use their fingerprint to purchase items or load money into their account. However, a parent or carer must sign a permission form before we can take a child’s fingerprint.

You can access help, including logon details to access your child’s account by calling us on (023) 92466241.

Log in to the the Scopay website here:

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Mrs Debbie Young

Business Manager
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