Upcoming Key Dates

Summer 2019 Exam Result Collection dates

  • GCE - Thursday 16 August from 9am
  • GCSE & similar - Thursday 23 August from 9am

Enquiry about results and Access to Script Deadlines

  • Priority Enquiry about Results requests (only for when a Further Education placement is at risk) must be in the Exams Office by noon on 23 August
  • Standard Enquiry about Results requests must be in the Exams Office by 12:00 by noon on 18 September
  • Access to Scripts requests must be in the Exams Office by 12:00 by noon on 25 September
  • All of the above must be requested on the correct forms available from the Exams Office and must be signed by the candidate

Collection of Certificates from June 2018

These certificates do not finish arriving in College until November so cannot be issued before then.

Unless you have signed a form requesting them to be sent, you should collect your certificates on one of the 2 collection evenings - Thursday 29 November & Tuesday 4 December, both between 15:30 and 16:30.

If you cannot come in person you may designate a 3rd party to collect them for you BUT they MUST bring with them a letter signed by you giving them (by name) permission to collect your certificates and some ID. If you have signed to say you wish them to be posted you may still come in and collect in person on these dates if you wish, otherwise the will be posted out soon after the 4 December

How do the new 9-1 GCSE grades work?

The BBC explains … here

Good preparation for exams is crucial in gaining a good result. Here is some advice on what to expect during the year.


Candidates will receive a personal timetable showing dates and times and rooms for each exam. These should kept carefully. A candidate should arrive at an exam knowing which room they will be in.

For the main summer exam season only, candidates may receive an early timetable just showing dates and times. These timetables may show more than one exam at the same time. These clashes will be sorted out on the later timetable which will also show room details and where relevant details of supervision required between exams.

Clashes and Supervision between Public exams

If a candidate has two or more exams due to start at the same time, one exam will follow immediately after the other. If the exams total more than 3 hours then one exam can be taken in the other session of that day. HOWEVER they will have to be supervised between the exams. At the end of their first exam they must not leave the exam room, as security may be compromised, until they have received instructions from the invigilator which they must obey carefully. If the supervision is over lunch they must bring a packed lunch and drink with them. They may not have access to any electronics, including their phones, during this time but they will be able to revise from books and talk to other candidates in the same situation and supervision room.

Candidate number

Every candidate has a four figure Candidate number. It stays with them all the time they are at this school and they need to learn it. It is printed on their timetables and will need to be entered on every exam paper.

Entering personal details on papers

Candidates will need to write their name and candidate number on all papers and additional sheets. They should use capital letters and remember to sign papers if required. On Public exam papers they must use their legal name if it is different from their preferred name.

Stationery and Equipment

Candidates must make sure they take into the exam room all the equipment they will need for each exam. They should not rely on equipment being available in the exam room. Equipment must be in a clear bag or pencil case. Candidates should always write in black ink.

Mobile phones & Smart Watches

Candidates must not take phones, smart watches or other electronic equipment (except calculators) into the exam room. If candidates do take a phone or smart watch in, it must be turned off and given to an invigilator before the exam starts. It will be put in an envelope and a receipt number given to the candidate. It is good practice for candidates to check their pockets physically every time before they take their seats. It is best to leave phones and smart watches at home on Exam days.

Ordinary (non-smart) Watches

These may be taken into Exam rooms but must be taken off wrists and placed visibly on desks.



Water may be taken into the exam room. Bottles must be clear with all labels removed. Food is not allowed in the exam room unless medically required.

Arrival times

Candidates should arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of an exam. If candidates arrive late to a Public exam their paper may not be accepted by the Exam board. Morning exams start at 9am. Afternoon Public exams start at 1.30pm. Afternoon internal exams start between 1pm and 1:30pm – see timetables for exact start time

Exams in Halls and Gym

A seating guide and other important information will be displayed in the Sports hall and candidates should check this to find their row. Candidates' names and numbers are on a card on each desk.

Problems on the day

If candidates are unwell or have other problems on the day of an exam, they should call school as early as possible and definitely before 8.30am.


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