Parents really matter - the research says so:

'The best way to support a child’s achievement, attendance and behaviour is the positive partnership between the school and parents.'

Keeping in contact

We believe the most effective way to support young people and enable them to be happy and achieve to their best at school is through the partnership between us and home. 

There are times when you will want to get in touch with us - this might be to talk through a subject worry, to talk about home learning, to share things that are happening at home, to flag a concern or worry or simply to update your contact information.

Please note it is the responsibility of parents/carers to keep the school informed of any changes to the details we hold for your child and it is therefore essential you keep us up to date with any changes to the records we hold for them. This includes information regarding joining and leaving the armed forces. Armed forces updates should include parents (or step parents that currently live with the pupil).

A quick guide – who to contact

To discuss anything subject related

This might be achievement or progress in the subject, a question about the progress report, a query about the curriculum or the topic being taught or about home learning etc.  

Please contact your child’s Tutor, either by email or phone. If necessary they will set up a meeting. 

The Head of Department will work with the senior tutor to resolve any concerns.

To share successes or to flag a worry or concern with your child

This might be achievement or progress across subjects, sharing things that are happening at home, to discuss a concern about your child’s health, happiness or friendships or to share a success.

Please contact their Tutor by email or by phone, and if necessary to arrange a meeting. 

Your child’s Tutor will work with the Senior Tutor to resolve any concerns.

Please click on the names for email addresses

Year 7- Senior Tutor - Dean Hudson

7DH Dean Hudson
7BM Brian Murray
7AC Alison Copeland
7KS Andrew KayKatie Speller(Maternity Leave)
7NB Niky Botham

Year 8 - Senior Tutor - Lorraine Coram

8LC Lorraine Coram
8AB Adam Brett
8MW Michelle Wood
8EM Emma Morris
8JP Jon Pomfret

Year 9 - Senior Tutor -Shelly Butler

9MN Matthew Needs 
9CB Caroline Ball
9SBR Shelly Butler
9ST Sarah Trumper

Year 10 - Senior Tutor - Heidi Leaves

10SPR Sally Price
10CG Carolyn Green
10SH Simon Hagan
10EL Eloise Levey

Year 11 - Senior Tutor - Rob Shepherd

11RS Rob Shepherd
11MCS Mark Coates
11SM Steve Melhuish
11PJ Phillippa Joyner
11ADW Anne Wooller


Been in touch but haven’t heard back?

We always endeavour to get back to parents as soon as we possibly can, this is not always immediately because of teaching commitments.

If for some reason you have not had a reply from the relevant Head of Department or Tutor please contact reception and ask to be put through to the senior member of staff to the department or team you have been contacting.

Need to talk to someone urgently?

Due to the busy nature of the College day we are not able to arrange ‘drop in’ or immediate meetings. 

If you need to speak to a member of staff urgently please contact them by email.

Or phone the school reception so that a meeting or phone call can be arranged as soon as possible with the member of staff who will be able to access the information that is needed.   


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