The Hayling College follows the Hampshire County Council admission policy, a copy of which can be found by clicking on the hyperlinked box below:


The Hayling College is not an oversubscirbed school but if an Appeal was needed The Hayling College would follow the Hampshire County Council Admission Appeals guidelines, a copy of which can be found by clicking on the hyperlinked box above.


Open Evening

Our annual admission process is much more than an application form.  In the early Autumn, we hold an Open Evening for parents and pupils who may be considering The Hayling College as their secondary school of choice.  This event provides parents with an opportunity to look around the school facilities, ask questions of the teachers, take part in interactive learning experiences and a chance to listen to the Headteacher's vision for the school.  The Hayling College Prefects are on hand throughout the evening to take parents on tours and describe what school life is like at The Hayling College.

Transition Evenings

In the term immediately before pupils join The Hayling College, we hold a transition evening for parents to give them the opportunity to meet their child's tutor and receive details on uniform, sports kit, catering, arrangements for induction day, and anything else we can think of that is useful for parents to know about The Hayling College.

Annual Induction program for Year 6

We have a successful Induction programme for Year 6s which has been created following close relationships with our Feeder schools for many years. The process begins in Year 5, when The Hayling College runs a ‘Taster day’ in May. During Year 6, our Pastoral Assistant Head and SENCO meet regularly with Year 6 staff to understand the character and needs of each individual year group. In June each year, Year 6s are visited by the Assistant Head, their future Senior Tutor, and are shown performances by GCSE Drama pupils aimed to allay fears and explain expectations. Parents and pupils are invited for a personal interview with their child’s future Year 7 tutor so that the close working relationship between home and College can begin. Year 6s from all our Feeder schools join us for two Induction days in July. The pupils spend time with their new tutor, getting to know new fellow tutees. They experience lessons, have orientation activities and our Prefects run a whole year group bonding session.

We ask for feedback each year from parents and pupils about our Induction programme as we are keen to ensure that all the young people look forward to joining us, and feel happy and supported from the moment they become Hayling College’s Year 7.

Mid Year Admissions

If we have places, these are welcomed and we ensure that as many of the arrangements we put in place for the annual admission process is in place for a MYA pupil too.  They are usually assigned a pupil 'buddy' for a couple of weeks, carefully chosen to enable your child to settle into The Hayling College.   

All enquiries of this type should be made to the Admin Office


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