Homework Policy / Out of school Learning

In Core subjects, as a guide, pupils are expected to spend the following length of time routinely each week on their homework.

Year 7 30 minutes
Year 8 45 minutes
Year 9 60 minutes
Year 10 60 - 90 minutes
Year 11 120 minutes


Please ensure homework is recorded on Google Classroom


Subject KS3 KS4
English Fortnightly Weekly
Maths Weekly Weekly
Science Three pieces per topic Two pieces per topic
Art Fortnightly Fortnightly
Computing Every topic Weekly
Drama No Homework set Half termly
Design Tech Every 3rd lesson Weekly
Geography Fortnightly weekly
History Fortnightly weekly
MFL Weekly Weekly
Music No homework set

Year 9 & 10 Fortnightly

Year 11 weekly

PE/Dance Occassionally Weekly - (Option Group Choice)
RE Occassionally Weekly
PSHD No homework set No homework set



Teacher with blue top in front of book case

Mrs Lorraine Mason

Assistant Headteacher
Email iconEmail Lorraine.mason@hayling.hants.sch.uk