Curriculum Provision at The Hayling College 2020/21

It is our intention to offer a personalised curriculum for all our students, so that it continues to be broad, balanced, progressive and relevant to all students of all abilities. This provision is intended to inspire, motivate and extend our learners. This will be flexible in approach, allowing all learners to achieve and celebrate their individual successes.

Key Stage 3

Throughout Years 7 and 8 students follow a variety of subjects as specified by the National Curriculum. These should extend and challenge students as well as linking with what they have studied at Key Stage 2. Students are taught using a variety of approaches and resources. With the intention of motivating our pupils to achieve their very best.


During Key stage 4, all students will study:

Exam based subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Non-Examination based Subjects

  • Physical Education

Key Stage 4 – Years 9,10 and 11

As you may be aware over the past couple of years qualifications, particularly GCSEs have been reviewed and updated nationally. This affects the subjects that pupils should take and how the qualifications are assessed. All GCSE subjects being now assessed by a final exam.

Below are subject Curriculum maps. The order of content can be subject to change

Maths KS4

Below are an outline of what a pupil would expect to be working towards for grades 1-8 in Maths


Teacher in yellow top and blue blazer in front of book case

Miss Kirstin Mobsby

Assistant Headteacher
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