The Hayling College Music Lessons 

Welcome to extracurricular music/voice and music technology lessons here at the Hayling College. We offer a full range of music, vocal and production/music technology tuition provided by first class highly qualified professional teachers who are still working in the industry. This is an essential requirement for our young people to achieve their maximum potential.  They will undertake a graded lesson structure and have the opportunity to take Grades in Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Rock School and London College Music when they are ready. This includes theory and production/ technology grades as well.

Each student will receive 10 lessons per term and it is your /their responsibility to attend lessons on time. Any lessons missed due to anything else but illness will be charged for. Changes to the published lesson timetables will only be done if notification is received by the teacher/ school office 2 days in advance. This would be by direct email or written letter to the teacher. All lesson timetables will be published in advance so students and staff know what their schedule is. No lessons will be delivered if students are not up to date with their payments. The school can advise you on the hire of most instruments at competitive prices, so please see Mr Ogley if you require more information. Please note for shared lessons there is no refund for nonattendance.

This is a selection of the instruments that can be learnt at the Hayling College.


Violin Flute Bass
Viola Oboe Bassoon
Bass French Horn Trumpet
Clarinet Cornet Saxophone
Trombone Drums Tuba
Bass Guitar Piano Keyboard
Guitar Technolgy Voice

If an instrument that you are learning/wish to learn is not on this list please contact Mr Ogley.

Each lesson students receive is 30 minutes long and takes place during or after the school day. The lessons are taught on a rotation basis, where possible, so the same academic lesson is not affected every week. It is the school’s expectation that students catch up any work that they are missing during their music lesson time.

All lessons priced at £17.50 per half hour solo lesson. Students will also be able to have, where possible, shared lessons in pairs or three’s which will reduce the lesson fee. There will be 10 lessons in each term with 30 lessons in total for the academic year. A full price list and payment options is attached. Please note that lessons cannot begin unless the payment for the lessons has been put in place.

We are also running a selection of clubs and groups and a list of these is also attached with the relevant pricing. These include the Hayling College Voices and also the Hayling Island Youth Orchestra, based at St Mary's Church.

A comprehensive form outlining all the terms and conditions must be signed, and payment received, before your child starts lessons. If you have any questions regarding the Instrumental Scheme please contact me, Neil Ogley, the scheme manager and Head of Music on, 02392 466241  or email

Lessons start this year on the week beginning 23 September. All paperwork needs to be submitted, signed and payment made before lessons can start. You will be able to keep in touch with your child's lessons using our timetabling App, My Music Staff. This will enable you to know when your child's lessons are, have email alerts and directly interface with the instrumental teacher.

I am really looking forward to working with you all on this and I will see you at our first concert.

Kindest Regards

Neil Ogley

Head of Music